ILM lasts 2 years. You will be charged a non-refundable fee the day you sign up. If you
decide to continue with the product, and do nothing, you will automatically be charged
equal installments to the credit card on file until all the fees are fully paid. You must
write an email requesting to cancel before your next date of payment if you do not wish
to continue, and to avoid being charged the regular installments. No refunds will be
given once you purchase the digital product. 


A Third party handles it. (Stripe is our third-party handler. They are responsible for all
the disputes and resolutions) 
TAX DEDUCTION: Talk with your CPA to find out how your ILM payments can be deducted from
your taxes. 

How long do I have access to the platform?
Depending on the offer you invest in. You have access the platform as often as
you like during that time. If you invested in our 2 year Diploma In Ministry
Studies, upon completion, you have unlimited access forever unless you cancel
or discontinue payments prior to your graduation. 

Is there a physical class to attend?
Yes and No. ILM is online only for your convenience to be accessed anywhere,
anytime, on any mobile, laptop, desktop, or tablet. However, the live events are
offered every 3 months when were gather together in the main campus in

Who is ILM best suited for?
Anyone who wants to go deeper in the things of God or has a desire to obey
Gods call on their life. 

How long will it take to complete?
That depends on you. There are over 1000 segments of video on the platform.
We suggest you do 3-5 segments per day. It will take roughly 2 years to finish at
this pace if you do not repeat any content. Our studies show that repeated
content is retained better over time.

Is the ILM content for a couple a group or a single user?
The online class is for a single user, not a couple or a group.
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